My Newest Invention

Since the batteries for my New Steam Shovel cost more than I normally make all year, I have had to invent a way to make more cash so I don't wind up in the poor house, which fer me would be the closet in the spare bedroom.

I invented a way I ken print a message on a long strip of paper, then a special motor hidden inside my Steam Shovel makes it go round and round, so the message keeps repeating itself until the guy who paid me to advertise his business runs out of money.  Then I ken jest find another customer and start over again.

Joe hasn't actually given me any money yet, so if you see this message and decide to "Eat at Joe's," tell him, "Sparky sent me," so I ken tell him how much money he owes me.

Picture of what the Advertisement is supposed to look likeNOTE:  The "Eat At Joe's" sign on the side of the Steam Shovel is supposed to have the letters moving from right to left, and it keeps repeating itself.  If your computer doesn't show that, maybe it is one of them old ones that runs on steam or something like that, and you should quit reading these silly websites and go get a part time job so you ken afford a newer computer.  Then you ken do like me and take in some advertising and make some real cash! case your computer doesn't show this pretty red background like it's supposed to, jest click on Ctrl. A and everything will change colors so you ken read it better.  (That's what you do if you are using a PC Computer like mine.  If you have a Macintosh Computer, I don't know what to tell you to do, except that Ctrl. A means to select all of the page). ---Sparky