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Lil Benny Eats Breakfast

Lil Benny dragging the plate to his side of the table

The morning after spending the night in Ouray, Lil Benny decided he was hungry for some Chicken Seeds for breakfast, so the old folks took him along to breakfast at Bulow's Courtyard Bistro in the back of the Beaumont Hotel.

They ordered their own breakfasts, and when Jim's plate hit the table, Lil Benny grabbed ahold of it and dragged it over to "his side" of the table and proceeded to eat the whole thing.  (Yeah, Jim ordered another for himself when he saw how hungry Lil Benny was).

Lil Benny after eating the whole thing
After breakfast, Lil Benny jest laid there in misery, and when they brought him back to the motel room, he jest laid there and moaned!
Beaumont Hotel, which will be opening soon after restoration has been completed
The picture above shows the Beaumont Hotel, at 5th and Main.  On the left end of the building, around in back through the courtyard, is where Bulow's Courtyard Bistro is located, and the food was great!
Inside view of Bulow's Courtyard Bistro
The photo above shows the dining room of Bulow's Courtyard Bistro, but, if you prefer, you can eat outside in the courtyard, and freeze your buns off!

Sparky's Colorado Vacation, Page 3
by Sparky

Ouray, Colorado (Pronounced "you-RAY"Sign explaining Cascade Falls in the park in Ouray)

"The Switzerland of America!"

August 15, 2003.  Ouray is located in a deep valley and is said to resemble Switzerland in some ways.  We didn't never get to Switzerland yet, so we checked out the Cascade Falls instead. It is reached by following 8th Street several blocks up to the parking lot where you ken see this sign.  It is about a 1/4 mile walk up to where you ken see a reel good view of the falls, and another 1/4 mile to get you close enough to feel the water mist on your fur.  That was close enough fer Dexter and me, as shown in photo # 3, cuz both of us jest recently had to take a bath, and we didn't want to get either wet or dirty.Overlook view of Ouray from the highway above the south end of town

The other photo at right was taken from the highway towards Silverton, and shows how the small town fits into the deep, narrow valley.

Photo #4 shows the mountain on the west side of the Ouray valley, from the trail near the waterfall.

Photos #5 through #8 show interesting shots taken of the area in and around the Box Canyon Falls, which is a reel dramatic waterfall that shoots over the top of the canyon then blasts through a deep canyon with a very loud roar, even though this year it is reported to be diminished in both flow and noise because of the drought.

Photo #9 shows Dexter, Lil Benny & me getting bored and wanting to head back to the van.  Photo #10 shows Dexter and me climbing the stairs so Gloria will take us back to the van before we get wet or dirty.

Photo #11 shows Gloria waving to us as we're climbing the stairs.

Photo #12 shows Dexter pretending to be a wild mountain sheep, but he had a lot of trubble growling like a reel one.

Photo # 13 shows Lil Benny pretending to be a mountain alligator, and he looked reel cool, except that he can't growl either.

Photos #14, 15 & 16 show the chipmunks or ground squirrels that hang around the Box Canyon Falls ticket booth and gift shop and steal the bird food that gets knocked to the ground beneath the feeders.  If them ground squirrels get any fatter, they won't be able to run away.  Actually, we found out that chipmunks are smaller than ground squirrels and have brighter stripes down their backs.

(Ouray's websites don't seem to be very informational, so I couldn't find a reel good link to send you to, so that's why I put in a lot of photos here).--Sparky

Sparky's Ouray Photo Album

The beginning of the Cascade Falls Trail
1. Cascade Falls Trail

Cascade Falls
2. Cascade Falls View

Sparky & Dexter in front of the falls
3. Sparky & Dexter at the falls

View of the mountain on the west side of Ouray
4. Mountain view from park

Sign showing the way to Box Canyon Falls
5. Sign for Box Canyon Falls

High bridge over Box Canyon Falls
6. High bridge over Box Canyon

Jim, Sparky & Dexter in front of falls
7. Jim, Sparky & Dexter at falls

Box Canyon Falls deep in the canyon
8. Falls without the guys

The guys being bored at the bottom of the canyon
9. Can we go back yet?

The guys climbing up the stairs
10. Climbing up the stairs

Gloria looking down from the top of the stairs
11. Gloria looking down at us

Dexter the mountain sheep
12. Dexter the mountain sheep

Lil Benny the mountain alligator
13. Lil Benny the mountain alligator
Chipmunk crossing sign
14. Chipmunks cross here
"Do not feed chipmunks" sign
15. Do not feed Chipmunks
The birds can't read the "Do not Feed Chipmunks" sign
16. Real fat Chipmunks
Our Motel in Ouray

We spent the night in this motel, the Ouray Chalet Inn, and it was very comfortable, and right across the street from Bulow's Courtyard Bistro, and only a few blocks away from everything else in town, so the location was very good.

This is the motel where we stayed in Ouray

Head to the next page for more exciting action! --Sparky

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