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New York Area Bagels 

The entire area around New York City has the best bagels, cuz they're reely big!  The ones we got at our motel in Secaucus were nearly 6" in diameter!

On the way back to Colorado, the farther away we got from New York, the smaller the bagels got, I guess cuz people don't know how big they're supposed to be.

The ones we got in New Braska was about the size of Cheerios Cereal.

The Flatiron Building

The Flatiron, or Fuller Building, was built in 1902, and at 285 feet tall, was the tallest building in the world, and the first building utilizing a steel frame.

You can find out more by clicking on one of the following web links:

Flatiron Building 

More Flatiron Bldg. 

The old folks went into the Flatiron Building, but they don't have any tours cuz it's jest an office building, and its tenants don't want to be bothered with a lot of tourists walking around.

Its odd triangular shape causes an interesting problem, according to Sniffy, who overheard a couple of guys outside talking about the building.

The offices in the pointed front of the building have a really sharp corner, so nothing really fits there, so bugs run there to hide.  For that reason, the building superintendent wears cowboy boots with pointed toes so he can go and smoosh them when he gets a call from one of the tenants.

You won't find that out on any website!


Sparky's New York Trip, September, 2003, Page 6
by Sparky

New York City

September 14, 2003.  We got to Secaucus, New Jersey, just west of New York City around noon, but it was too early to check into our motel, so the old folks decided to hop the bus and head into New York City for the afternoon, and most of us guys decided to take a nap in the van, except that Ty and Sniffy decided to go and check it out.  When they got to the Port Authority Bus Station, they bought a couple of 1 day subway passes and caught the subway train that goes to Brooklyn Heights, so they could go and check out the Brooklyn Bridge.

Photo #1 shows the bus ride into New York City from Secaucus, New Jersey, through the Lincoln Tunnel. 

Photo #2 shows a sign promising cell phone reception in the Lincoln Tunnels and Holland Tunnel. Somebuddy said that Jim's dad and his Uncle Joe rode their motorcycles through the Holland Tunnel when it opened on November 13, 1927, the first 2 motorcycles to do so.

Photo #3 shows a sign directing visitors to the path to the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge from the Brooklyn side of the East River, while photo #4 shows the path.

Photo #5 shows the stairs up to the level of the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian pathway, which is part of the original construction in 1883.  (The picture is a little blurry, so don't adjust your computer).

Photo #6 shows the east end of the bridge, looking westward toward Manhattan.  It was Sunday afternoon, so there were a lot of people there, plus there was something being filmed there, so there were a lot of production people on the bridge.  And, there was a bicycle race, motorcycle run for something, and a run for the cure taking place in the city, so it was a reel zoo as people were trying to get in and others were trying to get out.

Photo #7 shows the relatively deserted middle section of the bridge, and if you click on the photo, you will be able to see Sniffy and Ty sitting on the bench in the foreground.

Photo #8 shows some of the auto traffic on the west end of the bridge.

Photo #9 shows the twisted chimney in the City Hall Park, probably caused by a hurricane that tore down the house and twisted the chimney a long time ago.

Photo #10 shows Ty and Sniffy on the bus trip back to Secaucus, New Jersey.  They're a little out of focus cuz they're so tired.

Photo #11 shows the Verizon Guy checking cell phone reception on the roof of a big building..."Can you hear me now?"

Photo #12 shows the Flatiron Building from the pointed end at 23rd Street and Broadway.  We couldn't get a tour cuz they don't do that.

Photo #13 shows some of the mosaic tile work in the subway stations.  These tiles were installed as part of a program during the depression to create jobs.

Photo #14 shows the main waiting room in Grand Central Station.  We saw one of the entrance doors which said "Track 117," so it is still a very busy station.

Photos #15 and #16 show more examples of the mosaic tile work.

Sparky's Photos of New York City & Brooklyn Bridge
View of the bus ride into New York City
1. Bus ride into New York City
Sign telling you your Verizon cell phone will work in all tunnels on the west side
2. Sign near the Lincoln Tunnel
Sign showing the way to the Brooklyn Bridge
3. Directions to Brooklyn Bridge 
Path that leads to the Brooklyn Bridge entrance
 4. Path to the entrance
Crowded entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge Footpath
5. Crowded bridge entrance
East end of the Brooklyn Bridge foot path
6. East end of the Brooklyn Bridge
Central portion of the Brooklyn Bridge walkway
7. Middle section of walkway
West end of Brooklyn Bridge, with plenty of traffic to go around
8. Bridge west end traffic

Chimney that was twisted by hurricane
9. Chimney twisted by storm

Sniffy & Ty enjoying the bus ride back to our motel
10. Sniffy & Ty on the bus

Guy checking cell phone reception on rooftop
11. Guy checking cell reception

World Famous Flatiron Building
12. Flatiron Building

Mosaic tiles in subway station
13. Tiles in subway tunnel
Grand Central Station
14. Grand Central Station
51st Street mosaic tilework
15. 51st Street mosaic tiles.
Closeup of mosaic tiles in subway station
16. Closeup of subway mosaic

Be sure to head on to the next page for more exciting New York pictures and tall tales stories. 


New York
"The Empire State"

State Capital


49,108 square miles

State Bird:

State Tree:
Sugar Maple

State Mammal:

State Insect:
Nine-Spotted Ladybug

State Fish:
Brook Trout

State Flower:

State Shell:
Bay Scallop

State Fruit:

State Vehicle:
New York City Taxi

State Vermin:
The Rat

State Cracker:
The Saltine

State Saying:
"Yo, Mac, where's my coffee?"



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